🏡 iManage! - All-in-One Property Management Tool + Bundle


Introducing the iManage! Real Estate Bundle: Lifetime access to an always-growing comprehensive suite of 20+ Notion templates designed for real estate professionals. Streamline property management with our all-in-one platform and enjoy additional templates for budgeting, ChatGPT assistance, and more.

🏡 iManage! - All-in-One Property Management Tool is in the center of it all. With this massive Notion OS, you will be able to:

✅ Efficiently manage your properties with ease
✅ Save time and increase your profits
✅ Accessible on mobile app, website, or native application
✅ Store contact management for all your properties
✅ Keep an eye on all insurance policies
✅ Control recurring bills for each property
✅ Breakdown of all your lease agreements
✅ Access all your contractors’ info
✅ Import transactions for a tax estimation
✅ Keep track of maintenance requests, financial transactions, and tenant screening

Manage properties, track maintenance requests, finances, and tenant screening with ease. Accessible on mobile, web, or native applications. Perfect for landlords, property managers, real estate companies, agents, brokers, and vacation or commercial property owners. Get organized and boost your profits with iManage! today.

All Templates and Tools Included in this Bundle:

  1. iManage! Real Estate Resources

  2. My Transactions

  3. GreenCheck - Energy Efficiency Checklist

  4. iManage! Beach Cleanup Guide

  5. 200+ Useful AirBnb Resources

  6. Income & Expense Tracker

  7. iManage! All-in-One Property Management Tool

  8. Real Estate Investor’s Dashboard

  9. iManage! My Duplex

  10. AirBnb Welcome Book Manager

  11. Write Professional Property Listing

  12. ChatGPT Prompt Bundle

  13. Ultimate All-in-One Budget Planner

  14. Recurring Transactions Tracker 2.0

  15. Subscription Tracker

  16. Self-Managing Real Estate Properties with ChatGPT

  17. iManage! Property Portfolio

  18. Beach Cleanup Impact Report

  19. Househacking AI Secrets

  20. Bill Tracker

  21. iManage! Tenant Applications (BETA)

  22. iManage! Property Bills (BETA)

  23. iManage! Maintenance Tasks (BETA)

  24. Ultimate Resource Package for Luxury Waterfront Homeowners

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